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Aerohive's End of Life Access Points and HiveManager Licensing:
(This link provides you with the end of sale and support dates along with the replacement Extreme Networks WAPs)

Aerohive HiveManager Classic

  • Hive Manager Classic is "End of Sale" for new customers. Existing customers can purchase classic licenses / subscriptions until 12/31/2020
  • Hive Manager Classic Cloud has an "End of Support" date of 3/31/2023. HiveManager Classic On-Prem has an "End of Support" date of 3/21/2025
  • We should begin discussing migrating your clients to Extreme XIQ (Formerly HiveManager NG)

  • Endless Aisle Application
    Technology Behind the Solution

    Endless Aisle Application

    Retailers want the ability to provide their customers with a modern and compelling in-store experience that includes personalized recommendations, simplified buying, and faster customer service. Technology opens up exciting possibilities within the retail environment creating opportunities to deliver better customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage. Retailers can make the most of these opportunities to drive conversion, increase customer spend, and encourage repeat visits and foster loyalty.

    The Aerohive Endless Aisle Mobile App powered by Magnet System’s Enterprise Mobile Middleware brings a next-generation, concierge-level Mobile shopping experience to consumers. Endless Aisle leverages iBeacon and Wi-Fi to allow retailers to engage customers with information and insights about products not physically in the store. Whether the consumers are in boutiques, department stores, or malls, they can get merchandise information and receive items to try much quicker.

    Endless Aisle will reflect the logo and inventory of whatever store the customer is physically closest to, allowing retailers to tailor an endless aisle experience for free. Endless Aisle leverages the Aerohive infrastructure and intelligence to provide location-based connectivity that delivers product that is relevant to where the consumer is in the store, including the ability to request sales assistance from an associate.

    The Endless Aisle solution offers 2 mobile apps and a runtime platform to support the app with Endless Aisle services 24x7. Magnet supplies the enterprise-grade runtime platform to ensure that the evolving requirements related to mobile experience, speed, scalability, and extensibility are met.

    The Aerohive Endless Aisle Mobile App Solution – Powered by Magnet Systems

    The next-generation mobile retail commerce solution, the Aerohive Endless Aisle Mobile App, powered by Magnet Systems, Inc., brings concierge-level mobile shopping experiences to consumers. Whether the consumers are in boutiques, department stores, or malls, they can access merchandise information at their fingertips and easily engage store personnel to get answers to their questions. Retailers can also now track consumer engagement and instantly obtain important information about their customers.

    The Endless Aisle solution is designed to help retailers of all sizes use mobility to better engage customers, grow their business, and increase employee productivity.

    Key Solution Features of the Solution

    How It Works

    The Endless Aisle solution offers 2 mobile apps and a runtime platform to support the secured and highly scalable operations with Endless Aisle services 24x7. The Customer iPhone app and the Retailer/Sales Associate app are available on retailers’ enterprise app stores or Over the Air (OTA) update services.

    How It Works

    Key Differentiators of Endless Aisle App

    Aerohive and Magnet have collaborated to offer the following unique capabilities for retailers to enhance customers’ shopping experiences, app engagement and customer service levels.

    Runtime Platform

    The runtime platform enables Endless Aisle Services and consists of:

    Runtime Platform

    Configuration Capabilities

    To enable ease of branding and faster prototyping by retailers, Endless Aisle Services provide the configuration capabilities to:


    Brick-and-mortar retailers have to face the harsh reality that engaging with customers by just interacting with them in the store is insufficient and they need to embrace a mobile experience for their customers. As a result, many retailers today are accelerating their app rollout to compete for mind-share and revenue. With enhanced in-store experiences and better knowledge of customer traffic and requests, the Aerohive Endless Aisle solution provides a golden opportunity to bring in-store revenue and customer service to new levels. The Endless Aisle solution is part of Aerohive’s Personal Engagement Platform partner ecosystem that helps retailers obtain a modern and compelling new in-store experience for their customers.