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Controller-less WLAN Architecture
Technology Behind the Solution

Aerohive developed a controller-less wireless LAN architecture called Cooperative Control. Our WLAN solution provides all the performance, availability, management, mobility, and security needed in a large campus deployment, and, with the elimination of controllers in the architecture, is cost effective even in small branch office and warehouse deployments. This unique controller-less architecture also enables secure, scalable, high-performance, and mission-critical wireless networking in a manageable and cost effective way to industries such as education, healthcare, state and local government, manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Leveraging its controller-less approach, Aerohive has further simplified enterprise Wi-Fi with a cloud-based SaaS management solution called HiveManager Online. HiveManager Online dramatically lowers the cost and deployment complexity of managing enterprise Wi-Fi.

Controlller-based Architecture
Controlller-based Architecture
Aerohive Controlller-less Architecture
Aerohive Controlller-less Architecture

The advantage of the Aerohive architecture is no U-turns, bottlenecks, or
single points of failure, with increased reliability and reduced cost.

Controller-based WLANs were designed for an era when there was insufficient processing power in APs to distribute the intelligence as happens in other networking infrastructure. Aerohive's controller-less approach is different. It distributes all control functions and data forwarding to smart APs while maintaining a centralized management system for monitoring and configuration – similar to how routers in the Internet function.

Aerohive AP capabilities include:

Aerohive architectural advantages: